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If all the roads lead to Rome, at Christmas, all roads lead home.

If all the roads lead to Rome, at Christmas, all roads lead home.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Diamond Coating Sealant / Sealer

Eyelash Extensions Blink Black Diamond Coating Sealant / Sealer

Now that your lashes are long, thick and beautiful you will want to ensure you maintain this look and extend the life of your lashes. Alyssa's Eyelash introduces the Blink Black Diamond longer life sealant is one of the best after care eyelash extension products on the market. This sealant forms a barrier to protect against the elements that break down the adhesive. This Blink Black Diamond not only gives the extensions a maximum bond but also gives them a beautiful, glossy coating. For best results, use this sealant daily to extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

This black coating eyelash treatment protects both the glue bond of the eyelash extension from moisture and pollutants, whilst adding a shimmering wet look to the eyes. Application is recommended after treatment.
Sick of applying mascara every day? Alyssa’s Eyelash suggests you to try this, as top-up brush application to your lash extensions is only required every three days!


v     This is for 1 Black Diamond Longer Life Coating & Sealant for Eyelash Extensions
v     It’s one of the best eyelash extension after care sealant products on the market
v     Contains 7ml of black sealant and mascara brush applicator
v     The unique round shape of the mascara wand allows you to coat each lash with precision starting at the lash line.