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If all the roads lead to Rome, at Christmas, all roads lead home.

If all the roads lead to Rome, at Christmas, all roads lead home.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alyssa’s Eyelash Aftercare

Alyssa’s Eyelash Aftercare
Now that your lashes are long, thick and beautiful you will want to ensure you maintain     this look and extend the life of your lashes. To do this proper care and maintenance are required, by following these simple aftercare instructions:
First 2 hours
Do not allow any water to come in contact with your new Eyelash Extensions for 2 hours after the procedure.
First 48 hours
Do not steam face, use steam bath or wash lashes with hot water for 2 days after the procedure as the adhesive takes 48 hours to set and the sealer needs 10 hours to cure.
Daily Care
Do not rub your eyes or lashes when washing your face. Be sure to use oil-free facial cleanser, Gently pat lashes dry after cleansing.
Minimal Care is required to Maintenance your Lashes
v     Do not use oil products, mascara remover, lash curlers, lash perms or waterproof
       mascara on your lashes.
v     Natural skin oils, rubbing, scratching and pulling lashes will shorten the life of your extensions.
v     Your natural lashes have an approximate 100 days life span.
When a natural lashes sheds, it is replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. A re-lash is recommended to replace any lost extensions due to your natural life cycle.
Common reasons lashes fall off
v     Natural lash shedding
v     Excessive rubbing
v     Exposure to heat or steaming too frequently
v     Improper care within the first 2 days
v     Use of oily products or makeup remover directly on eyelashes

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eyelash Extensions Care & Maintenance Instructions

You can enjoy your beautiful new lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle. Proper care and maintenance of your new eyelash extensions will ensure they remain as beautiful and luscious as they are today!

Before Your Scheduled Appoitment:
1 - Please remove all eye make-up.
2 - Once your eyelash extensions are applied, you will not be able to take a shower for 24 hours.

After Your Appointment Care and Maintenance:

To maintain optimum appearance and extend the life of your lashes, follow these tips & easy care instructions:
v      Avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours to allow the adhesive time to dry thoroughly.
v      We recommend sleeping on your back the first night to ensure your lashes do not become tangled while drying. In the morning, use a mascara brush to gently separate and groom your new lashes.
v      Avoid hot steam from the shower and sauna as well as swimming and tanning salons altogether for the first 48 hours. After this period try to keep sauna, steam room & tanning visits to a minimum as the application of constant heat may cause the adhesive bond to weaken.
v      Avoid using harsh mechanical eyelash curlers as they can break both natural and synthetic lashes. A heated eyelash curler can be used sparingly to help shape and curl lashes on the TIPS of the lashes ONLY. Do not apply heated eyelash curler to the base of the lashes where the lashes are bonded.
v      Avoid using any oil based cleansers on or near the eye area. Use an oil-free eye make-up remover. Do not use cotton balls, cotton rounds or swabs directly on the eyelashes as the fibers may get lodged in the bond area of your lashes.
v      Although mascara is not necessary with your eyelash extensions you can use it sparingly, on the tips only to achieve an even more dramatic look. Avoid using oil based or waterproof mascara as the ingredients in it will dissolve the bond of the adhesive.
v      Avoid using any oil based products on or near your lashes. Oil will dissolve the adhesive bond! Use water or gel based cosmetic products instead.
v      Above all, BE GENTLE! Do not pick or pull your lashes and refrain from excessively rubbing your eyes.

24hr Tips: Remember that the first 24 hours are especially crucial for the bonding to properly occur! Common activities you need to avoid during the first 24 hours include showering, washing the eyes, tanning, applying creams or lotions to the eye area, applying mascara or any eye make-up, excessively touching the lashes, spas, steam rooms, sauna, swimming, exercising, contact lens solutions and sleeping on the lashes.

Daily Tips: The most common causes of lash fall out before the end of your natural lash life cycle include excessively touching the lashes, use of oil based products, layering on excessive amounts of mascara which requires excessive cleaning, and frequent exposure to heat sources such as spas, steam rooms and tanning salons.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beautiful skin, slim waist with coconut

Besides the cooling effect, coconut also enhances resistance, acne, anti-inflammatory ...
Whitening grapefruit juice
Camouflage skin scarring
Midu and bad hair "for life"
Usually, people only care about coconut water because they bring clear benefits as a substitute for serum, heat ... and is a familiar cooking ingredients. However, each member of the coconut has its specific effects on human health if we know how to use properly.
Dispel tension
Not only when you eat coconut receive benefits from it. Neuroscience researcher Alna Hirsch, University of Bristol (UK) has confirmed that, just the scent of coconut could help your mind relax and calm down. According to his research, exposure to the smell of coconut will reduce the strain on the muscles on the face 20%, while also limiting stress hormone levels around 24%. The aroma will trigger limbic system - the brain region responsible for the mood and control your memory.
How to use: Just apply a little flavor of coconut cream, coconut oil on the skin or light a candle coconut flavor as soon as you feel your stress is improved mood immediately.

Infection control
According to research by scientists at the University of Iceland, a key ingredient in coconut oil is lauric acid (50%) can help boost immunity and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi as they are physical contact to 99%. Coconut oil may even help fight against the flu, sore throat and other respiratory infections.
How to use: Just use 3 tablespoons of coconut oil every day that you have provided enough lauric acid may help the body prevent disease. This also helps the body reduce patient recovery time of about 57%.
Energy Recovery
Japanese researchers have shown that coconut water can increase the endurance sports athletes. We can replace the fluid and minerals that the body was consumed during exercise. In particular, high potassium in the body of water also helps women in energy efficiency. This discovery was published in the journal Anthropology and Applied Human Science Physilogical on May 6-2011.
Usage: Just add the coconut milk instead of water after exercise or movement under hot sun.
Acne Treatment
Essential oils of coconut will help control oily skin and acne treatment. That is the conclusion of researchers at the University of Mannheim (Germany). The fatty acids in coconut oil help treat dermatitis, skin pH to provide just enough, and kill bacteria that cause acne, especially acne.
How to use: Use a cotton swab and put coconut oil applied directly to the skin of acne or the entire face and hold for about 15 minutes.

Slim waist
According to a study published in Lipids (U.S.) fatty acids in coconut oil (mainly lauric acid) is rapidly absorbed to produce energy rather than converted to fat accumulation in the abdomen it is helpful for dieters.
How to use: Use coconut oil instead of other kinds of oil when cooking.
Good for intestinal
According to the British doctor, Joe Graedon, author of "The People's Pharmacy", coconuts can support the issues of the stomach as indigestion, diarrhea, handling the problems of the syndrome, irritable bowel because it helps kill bacteria H. pylori disease.
How to use: Sprinkle shredded coconut or coconut meat in the dish for your everyday.